How am I doing ?

Oooooh,it has been a while ! When did I last wrote a word to you ? I can’t really tell. I just know that these past few months have been CRAZY. And , unfortunately, it isn’t over and surely it was just the warm up. Can’t wait to may, when I will be passing (hopefully) the most important exam (or rather 5 ! ) in my entire 19-years-old life. What is that exam ? – You may think. I guess it’s something like SAT in USA (if i spell it right). I mean the exam, that you have to pass to go to university. (What is the difference between uni and college ? I have no idea, please tell me)  In Polish you can either go to university and study well , then become a doctor, judge or uni professor or don’t go anywhere and just go to work at age 18. Seriously, there is no point in studying a psychology, something that I am more than super interested about, because there is no job for psychologist anymore. The statistis say that every second student is not going to work in his profession. Scary ? Imagine that, we are working like dogs, sleeping 4 hours a day and then what ? You say I am not going to be a succesful Lawyer ? 


I am being way to dramatic right now, but sorry it’s ten o clock in the evenig and my „day work” hasn’t end yet. So if anyone has breakout, needs some help,advice or some motivation don’t ask me because I’m broken myself… BUT I highly recommend you watching TED’s talk on youtube. They are amazing ! 


Take care and have fun , see you soon darlings !