How am I doing ?

Oooooh,it has been a while ! When did I last wrote a word to you ? I can’t really tell. I just know that these past few months have been CRAZY. And , unfortunately, it isn’t over and surely it was just the warm up. Can’t wait to may, when I will be passing (hopefully) the most important exam (or rather 5 ! ) in my entire 19-years-old life. What is that exam ? – You may think. I guess it’s something like SAT in USA (if i spell it right). I mean the exam, that you have to pass to go to university. (What is the difference between uni and college ? I have no idea, please tell me)  In Polish you can either go to university and study well , then become a doctor, judge or uni professor or don’t go anywhere and just go to work at age 18. Seriously, there is no point in studying a psychology, something that I am more than super interested about, because there is no job for psychologist anymore. The statistis say that every second student is not going to work in his profession. Scary ? Imagine that, we are working like dogs, sleeping 4 hours a day and then what ? You say I am not going to be a succesful Lawyer ? 


I am being way to dramatic right now, but sorry it’s ten o clock in the evenig and my „day work” hasn’t end yet. So if anyone has breakout, needs some help,advice or some motivation don’t ask me because I’m broken myself… BUT I highly recommend you watching TED’s talk on youtube. They are amazing ! 


Take care and have fun , see you soon darlings ! 



Na wielu blogach i w wielu filmikach na youtube spotkałam listy x faktów o sobie. Pomyślałam, że tak w sumie to całkiem fajna sprawa żeby zupełnie obcym sobie ludziom opowiedzieć o super osobistych sprawach. Tak, tak się ponoć rodzą najpiękniejsze przyjaźnie moi drodzy ( To „moi drodzy” musi być jakimś zapożyczeniem z Wielkiego Gatsbiego…. właśnie skończyłam go oglądać).


On many many blogs and videos on youtube I have seen lists of „x facts about”. I have thought that actually it is kind of cool idea to tell absolutely strange people about super personal stuff of mine . Yes, yes my dear, this is how the most beautiful friendships are born – well, that’s what I have heard. (That „my dear” must be some kind of influence from The Great Gatsby, i just have watched it ) .


Ich habe viele  Aufzählungen ”x Fakten um ” in den Blogs und in den Videos gesehen. Ich habe gemeint, dass Sprechen ganz fremd fur mich Leute uber meinen  persönlichen Sachen,eine wunderschön Idee ist. Ja, ja meine sehr Geerhtere, in diesem Weg entstehen am schönsten Freundschaften. (Diese „sehr Geerhtere” muss eine Einfluss dem Film The Great Gatsby bin, den ich gesehen habe) . 


1. My name is Klaudia, with „K”, not „C” because I’m from Poland./Meine Vorname ist Klaudia mit „K” nicht „C” , weil ich aus Polen bin.

2. I’m 18, next year I am going to University (probably)./ Ich bin 18, ich gehe zur Universitat nächster Jahr.(Warhscheinlich)

3. I don’t have any dog, cat or even fish. I have only my pink flower, wich lately isn’t looking well.  / Ich habe keinen Hund, keine Katze oder sogar Fish . Ich habe nur meine rosa Blume, der sah kurzlich nicht so gut aus.

4. My favourite food is a sandwich with chocolate cream and some banana slice on it. Try it !  / Mein Lieblings Essen ist belegten Brotchen mit Schokocreme und Bananen. Probieren das !

5. I am a total geek of serial 90210, that is the love of my life ! / Ich bin ein restlos Streber der 90210 Serie. Das ist die Liebe des meines Lebens !

6. I have this blog for 4 years, it was not named „stay classy” at  first. / Ich habe diesem Blog fur 4 Jahren, es war nicht „stay classy” zuerst.

7. Three musicians whose concerts I would love to see are : Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and Bastille. / Drei Musikanten denen Konzerten mochte ich sehen sind : Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons und Bastille.

8.The book I would recommend everyone to read is „Początek” by A.Szczypiorski. / Ein Buch ,das ich alle befürworte, ist „Początek” A.Szczypiorski. 

9. The tv serial in love I am with now is Pretty Little Liars. / Jetzt ich bin in Liebe mit Pretty Little Liars .

10. My favourite colour ?  White od course ! / Meine lieblings Farbe ?  Weiss naturlich !


Have a nice day ! xx